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It snowed!!

Snow capped mountains

Cold!! But, gorgeous.

Me and Roberto behind the Bar

The road to Villafranca Montes de Oca

Day 10 - El Camino

Maximum and finishing elevation = 958km, minimum and starting elevation = 742km. Cold, under 10 degrees.

We woke to snow on the rooftops and bacon and eggs and pan con tomate cooked for us by our hostels owner. Who could ask for more?

Well, we could. As we left the village we were overwhelmed by the scenery. The green rolling hills were dusted in snow. It was delightful to wonder the paths as we village hopped from Castildelgado, Viloria de la Rioja And Villamayor del Río.

In a bar in Villamayor del Río, Roberto, a Spanish gentleman indicated to me that I should be drinking Vino not té verde (green tea). He shared his Jamón and bread with me and insisted I have a sip of his wine with it. Then he got Troy to take a photo of us behind the bar. The lads suggested he'd have taken me home if it wasn't for Troy. An entertaining morning.

We walked on for another 10km, through Belorado, before stopping for lunch at Tosantos.

The final 7km for the day saw us climbing up to Villafranca Montes de Oca with a cold wind in our faces.

Another amazing Albergue. It is also a hotel with a restaurant. The pilgrim menu was 5 star.

Today's distance = 24.5km

Total distance = 254.5km

VW count unchanged

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