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Chopin Monument

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Palace on the Water

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The Amphitheater

Goodnight Warsaw

Today is our last day and we've been blessed with a bright sunny day. According to the Weather Channel it was supposed to be in the high 50's, low 60's, so we bundled up and headed for the bus stop. There is one across the street but we wanted to go in the opposite direction. Due to major road construction, this street is now a one way street so there is no bus stop on our side of the street. So we head off in the direction we wanted to go and figured the next bus stop shouldn't be too far off. Guess again. About 20 minutes later we find the bus stop as our 180 bus is pulling away. But fortunately they run pretty often and soon we are on our way. Lazienki Park is a huge park built by the last king of Poland to serve as his summer residence and provide a place for his citizens to relax and is sprinkled with fun neoclassical buildings and peacocks. On the edge of the park is a beautiful monument to Chopin in a rose garden where free summer concerts are given. The Nazis had melted the statue down for its metal but this copy was recast after WWII. A 10-minute down hill walk brings us to the Palace on the Water which is built in the middle of a river. Along the way we did see interesting buildings of different sizes and one peacock who wouldn't hold his head up. The palace has a lovely terrace overlooking the river and a little further down is an amphitheater with the seating on the riverbank and the stage on an island. By now we had to walk back up the hill to catch the bus back into city center. It had gotten much warmer than the forecast so we stopped at our apartment to shed our jackets and shoes and put on sandals. Our next stop was the Chopin Museum housed in the reconstructed Ostrogski Castle. It looks like it is still being reconstructed in both the entry plaza and the back terrace. It was a very modern museum with lots of opportunities to hear Chopin's music. But it was also very dark and almost claustrophobic. For lunch today we are finally going to try one the milk bars that Rick Steve's writes about (the communist government subsidized lunch places for workers that the Polish government continues to provide that are are really cheap) but when we got to the address, it is no longer a milk bar (note-the Rick Steve's book we are using is from 2006). So we went to the other extreme and went to the Bristol Hotel, the fanciest place in Warsaw. And we found American food. A grilled vegetable sandwich for me and a chicken ceaser salad for Judi C. After 3 weeks of being on the road and walking 104 miles, we are really tired, so we decided to head back to our apartment to rest before going out for a nice dinner and maybe checking out the Castle Square at night. But it was so nice out we made one more stop at a sidewalk cafe to have a glass of wine and enjoy the lovely weather. After a nap for both of us and working on our blog, we headed for Chianti, the restaurant we enjoyed so much on Saturday night. Not sure why we are going to an Italian restaurant when we are going to Italy in about 10 days but it is basically Italian or Polish with an ocassional Thai restaurant. Judi C had orecchiette with mushrooms, bacon and a pea mousse. I had pappardelle with boletus mushrooms in a white wine sauce from their specials menu. Evidently this is mushroom season here as everywhere is advertising "forest" mushrooms. Another excellent meal. As we stepped out of the restaurant we noticed the Palace of Culture and Science lit up in the distance. A lovely way to close out our time in Warsaw.

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