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Carpes boondocking @ Fargo WalMart

Saturday morning "traffic" on I 29 in S Dakota

Saturday morning "traffic" on I 29 in S Dakota

Welcome to North Dakota

Sat, 29 Jul: Continuing north (so, why is it getting warmer???)

Despite the heat in Brookings SD we enjoyed a fairly restful nite. Around Happy Hour time we started the generator and turned on our air conditioner. It started cooling the coach down and we also had plenty of electricity to "nuke" some left over hot wings for dinner.

By bedtime it was in the low 70s in and hi 70s out. We turned off the a/c & generator, then opened bedroom windows and ran the salon vent fan. This moved outside air in which made it comfy enough for sleeping. In fact, sometime during the nite we turned off the vent fan 'cause it was getting a tad too cool. Sweet!

We also enjoyed a comparatively quiet nite. Sometimes WalMarts aren't the quietest of places, but this one was. Thanks Brookings.

We arose about half past six and enjoyed a quiet and relaxed tea time and then breakfast. Once the dishes were washed & stowed, we went thru our checklists and got things ready for the road. Once our checks were completed Bob rolled wheels out of the Wally lot @ half past eight.

Yesterday we wound our way thru construction coming in, so Bob pre-emptively drove north to the next major arterial which took us to the interstate on-ramp with no detours. North on I 29 a bit more than a hundred miles to the North Dakota border. There were numerous lane closing construction projects but none slowed us down a bit.

Just inside North Dakota we pulled into the Welcome Center to pick up maps, state park guidebooks, and other info. Sandi took the helm at that point and drove the final fifty or so miles to today's stopping point, the WalMart on the south side of Fargo. We arrived a quarter past noon following a drive of 181 miles with an overall fuel economy just south of 9¾ mpg.

We had to disconnect the car in order to back into a level section of the parking lot. That was not a problem as we'd planned to use the car to drive to Costco (again?!?), where we picked up several items we'd forgotten during yesterday's visit. While there, another Chez Costco lunch.

We returned to the coach and, while Bob stowed our Costco purchases, Sandi went into WalMart to pick up a few items we needed. We're now back at the coach trying to stay cool in Fargo's 89°F heat. There is a brisk breeze blowing right into our coach so we're doing OK. As we did yesterday, when evening comes we'll use our generator to power both A/C to cool things down as well as the microwave for preparing dinner.

Tomorrow's destination is undecided as this is written. Our tentative plans are to continue north on I 29 as far as Grand Forks and then west along U.S. 2. We're sorta/kinda looking at overnighting at Devil's Lake. Maybe we will and then again, maybe we won't...

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