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Lining up for the National Anthem

The Bagpiper

Both teams ... ready for singing and action

The weather held off ... thankfully

In action

Commiserating with each other at the end of the match

With Neil and Janine ... debriefing

Each member of the team was given a cap. Luke wearing his...

Today was an overcast, windy, windy, windy day! Not at all the type of weather you want to play Rugby League in, but it wasn't raining and that was a good thing.

Mardi had a terrible night's sleep ... she has picked up the flu that Janine had earlier in the trip. She sounds terrible, can't breathe and slept poorly. So our first stop this morning was to find a Pharmacy and get something she can take to make her feel better. And with her allergies to everything, that's going to be one difficult task!!!

We decided that we would take our washing around to the Laundromat today, and leave it with them to be picked up tomorrow morning. They are one very busy establishment!! There were at least 15 people in there doing some sort of washing, and people walking in and out all the time I was there. The lovely lady's initial response was to tell me she couldn't have it done until lunch time tomorrow. We are on our way to Glasgow tomorrow morning so she said she'd have it done by opening time - 9.30am. She was fantastic. I will give them a great review on Trip Advisor when I get home!! And it only cost us 9 pounds ... how cheap is that?!?!

Next stop ... the Pharmacy. No luck with medication though. Everything we bought had non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in them. Just what the mother is allergic to!! So we bought a Vicks nasal spray and she improved in minutes. She could finally breathe!!

We went looking for a coffee shop, but if you find one of them, you cannot find a park. So we stopped at the little mini-mart on the way home and bought a couple of sandwiches for breakfast. Mum had yoghurt and a cheese and red onion sandwich. Now that doesn't sound like something even vaguely edible, but she said it was quite tasty! I had a chicken sandwich. Not bad.

Once Janine had surfaced (she didn't get home until 8am, the stop out!!) we drove over to the Peffermill Sporting Fields ready to settle in for a good game of rugby league. The grounds were incredible ... well manicured, great seating, excellent coffee, really good facilities!! We set up in the back row of the stadium and could see absolutely everywhere on the field. Neil arrived not long afterwards and joined us in the back row. We were pumped and ready for action.

The weather held off ... the sun peeked through the clouds on and off all afternoon; it tried to sprinkle at the beginning of the second half for about 5 minutes; the clouds were dark overhead; but the wind was BLUSTERY, to say the very least!!!

Both teams walked out the tunnel and stood ready for the National Anthems. They were sung with gusto by both teams. The Scotland team sang theirs accompanied by a young boy on bagpipes. It was quite moving. I have them singing on a little video. When the WiFi is strong enough I'll upload it so you can hear their patriotic singing.

Unfortunately the game didn't go Scotland's way at all ... that, and they really didn't play all that well together as a team. So I've decided not to give you a run down on the entire game, like last time (even though I did write all the plays down and sent them to Uncle Anthony who was awake and awaiting information). The first half was very ordinary, and by half time Scotland were down 26-0. The run down by the Scottish lady behind us was that the forwards had forgotten to turn up for the game, they were standing flat, there were missing too many tackles and nothing positive was happening. Luke took 16 tackles in the first half, but missed a couple of vital tackles too ... however there was no-one there to support him at any time!

The second half was much, much better than the first - still not great, but better. Luke had 18 tackles in this half. He made some great runs too but the entire Scotland forward pack played a terrible game, the whole game. The final score was 48-0 in a terrible show of football by the Scottish team.

The best part of the day was actually tea. We went to this little place called Dubh Prais on the Royal Mile. It is the tiniest little restaurant in Edinburgh and we could only get a booking at 5pm, so straight after the football we drove to the Royal Mile, parked (and let me tell you, that's no mean feat!!!), and walked across the road for dinner.

Yum ... entrees of smoked salmon (Janine and Neil), haggis (Mardi ... go figure and she said tonight's was even tastier than last nights), a platter of mixed meats and eggs (Luke) and three mushroom stack (me). Like I said ... YUM!

The main meals were just as mouth wateringly delicious too ... Venison (Janine and Neil), crumbed lamb (Mardi), chicken (Luke), lemon sole (me). Oh, it was all good!!!!!! After a couple of Scottish Whiskey coffees for Mardi and Neil (and a flat white for Janine) we left our quaint, delicious little restaurant!! It was here we parted company with Neil. It was an excellent couple of days and catching up with him was amazingly good!!! We will miss him, until next February when he comes out to Lake Cathie to visit again. He and Luke weren't sure if they would catch up later tonight for a drink, but they swapped numbers, just in case.

We all drove back to the Mackenzie Guest House to settle in for the night ... the ladies, not Luke. He was back here for a shower (good thing too) and then we was off to catch up with the rest of the Scottish rugby league team for a night out! Actually Neil made contact with him before he left so he was meeting up with Neil first, and then his team mates. I think the big night Janine had last night was transferred to Luke this evening.

It was quite a good day, other than the demoralizing football score. Mardi can breath, we now have enough clean clothes for our cruise, the food this evening was outstanding, we got to spend the afternoon / evening with Neil, and it didn't rain!!! There's lots to be happy about ... just :( about the footy.

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