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Canda Border

The state of British Columbia

Radium Hot Springs

The pool at Radium Hot Springs

Graham at the Pool

Carin & Graham at the pools but too steamy (104F)

1 Mangy sheep we saw (female)

The Springs Golf Course from the hill.

The rams around our RV

The whole herd of rams near out campsite

In the morning when we left camp

The flashing bear signs

Our first Bear who happened to be a black bear

Graham at the swinging bridge on our way to Dog Lake

The second suspension bridge to Dog Lake

I'm pooped after that uphill hike to Dog Lake

Graham at Dog Lake with Mountain View

A family of swans on Dog Lake

View of the Mountains from Dog Lake

Map of Dog Lake area

Our first Grizzly Bear

The mother Grizzly with her baby

These deer are all over the golf course

Graham's famous shot out of the trees

Sometimes the ground is not level under the RV

Left Coeur d`Alene at 9:30 am and followed Hwy 95 to the border. It bucketed with rain all the way to the border. The road was very good and there were lots of towns to look at. It got prettier closer to the border. Lots of deer, elk and huge lakes everyway.

When we crossed the Canadian border into British Columbia, the first thing we saw was a big bald eagle and lots of signs to “Watch for Avalanches”. It was nice to see all the big fir trees and no clear cutting in site, unlike Oregon and Washington. Canada is beautiful.

We drove another 150 kilometers to our home away from home “Radium Hot Springs Campground.” We converted some money to Canadian dollars, washed our filthy dirty truck and got some loonys & toonys for change, then went to the hot springs. Wow! Was that wonderful or what! "You bet sha" A soak in the hot pools is $5.40 Canadian ($4.25US) for as long as you want. We will go back every day we are here. When we were getting in our truck I spotted 1 shabby female Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep. I was so excited and got a picture of this lone mangy sheep. What can I say, I was excited!

We drove back to our RV camp and were shocked and laughing when we saw a huge herd of Big Horn rams grazing around our RV. We got some much better pictures this time. (We have a video but it may take time to load)

The mountain range is covered in snow and it is a beautiful. We are camping on a forest ridge that overlooks all of Radium Springs. The campground is very nice with water, electric and sewer, and full bathrooms and showers. Very nice and in a perfect location for exploring the area.

Tuesday May 24 we planned to take a nice hike. After getting past the sheep on the road in our campground, we stopped at the Visitors Info and they told us about a nice 2.6K hike up to Dog Lake in the Kootenay National Park, but we would have to watch out for the bears. Oh No! Not far from town we started to see the flashing bear warning signs. Sure enough we saw our first black bear beside the road. You can’t stop to take pictures, but no other cars were on the road so Graham slowed wayyy down. That was very exciting to see our first bear! And not even in Alaska yet!!!

Dog Lake was a grueling 6km (3.8 mile) hike up hill most of the way. We did cross two suspension bridges over the Kootenay River. I was tired when we got to the lake but the views and the lake were worth the effort. The Kootenay Mountains were spectacular and we were lucky that they had snow still on them. It was a warm 70F so the weather was perfect. We didn’t see any other person at the lake or on the hike. It was really out in the wilderness.

I managed to crawl back to the truck and we headed home to put ice on my knees. The drive back was indescribably beautiful and we saw another 2 black bears and a mother grizzly with her cub. Wow they are big bears.

Back to the hot springs, wine and dinner by the fire pit. We couldn’t ask for a better day. I want to say it's really weird to be sitting by the fire at 9:30 and have it blazing sunlight outside. I went to bed at 9:30 at the sun was at about 3 o'clock in the sky. It had several more hours before it would set.

Today, Wed May 25th is Sarah, our daughter’s birthday. We send happy b-day wishes and hugs and kisses to you.

We are playing golf today at The Springs. There are 13 golf clubs in this small area. The Springs is one of the best. I took a picture of the course from the top of the mountain where we are camping. Let’s hope Graham doesn’t whoop me this time. Well the game is over and Graham is buying the drinks. Fun course and interesting. Very nice Pro shop.

We will finish the evening (if you want to call it that)at the hot springs and sitting around the fire.

Tomorrow we are off to Banff, Alberta where it might be raining our entire 5 days. No big deal since we have all our unused rain gear with us.

PS We don't have internet or phone while we are in Canada so we have to visit the local Visitors Information and use their Wi-Fi. This blog is not perfect but it will give you an idea of what we are doing and seeing, I hope you enjoy it.

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