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South Shore State Park

South Shore State Park

South Shore State Park

A short drive north on the Oregon coast brought us to totally new scenery. We left the craggy coastline with treacherous rocks, boulders, and stacks sprinkled hither and yon offshore. Now we are camped in the middle of a sixty mile stretch of sand dunes, some looming hundreds of feet overhead. Although there aren’t many people here midweek early in the season, it is clear that this area is a beehive of ATV activity and can accommodate thousands of people. There are huge parking lots with huge parking spaces, designed for a truck that has brought a trailer full of ATV’s. There are many cautionary signs to keep the ATV’s separate from the cars on the roads. It must be a deafening madhouse here in the summer when these machines are buzzing up and down the dunes.

We have moved from one great campground to another. Here we are overlooking a marina and the spacious sites are positioned so that everyone has a fine view out of their picture (front) window. There are so many places to camp up and down this coast, it seems like there are more campgrounds than motels. We weren’t here more than ten minutes, when a camping couple stopped by to introduce themselves and say that they listen to our RV Navigator podcast. This happens often enough that we shouldn’t be surprised and yet, we are.

Since we got here so early, we had time to wander around and admire two more lighthouses. One of them was hard to find and while we were lost we happened upon a state park that featured a beautifully manicured horticultural garden. So many spring flowers are blooming now, but the garden looked like it would be beautiful to visit any time of year. The other light house sat in the dunes and overlooked a mussel/oyster farm. The shellfish are attached to poles suspended in the water that can easily be monitored and retrieved.

It’s no surprise that seafood restaurants are plentiful and we celebrated an especially significant birthday overlooking the water and feasting on shellfish.

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