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View from our pension of Goreme

View from our pension of Goreme

The bus left around 9.30pm but before it left we knew it wasn't going to be a good trip.

Our seats where ın the back row. Which has no room and also has 5 people across it. It was cramped and after about 2 hrs I wanted the trip to end. Finally around 9am the next morning we made it to Nevsehır (I got probably 5 - 6 hours sleep).

A man came onto the bus and asked us where we where going, we told him Goreme and he said follow me (After the lessons learned in Istanbul I was treading carefully). Luckly he turnes out to be a trevel agent and he booked us on a 9hr tour tomorrow which should be good. He also took us to a pension (family run hotel) and we booked in for two nights.

After sleeping for a few hours went for a walk and got our tickets for the 30th to Antalya our next stop.

When we got back to the pension Andrew was sick of his hair so I got the clippers he bought and I shaved his head (don't worry Mrs Coffey he still has plenty, about 6mm I think)

Out to dinner at a local resturant and after a few beers back to the pension to get ready for our tour tomorrow.

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