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Breakfast then wait for the taxi to the bus station. 08.30 came and went and by 08.45 we were getting anxious; the hotel called Straybus but in the end we called a taxi. The traffic was horrendous, gridlock everywhere , so the driver bailed out and took us on the overhead highway. Thankfully we arrived at the bus station in good time, boarded the bus and we were off!

The bus journey was longer than expected, not due to heavy traffics or anything else we could see; it just took longer. We stopped twice at the Thai equivalent of our motorway service stations, and we will never complain about them again! Hey Ho, all art of he adventure. We eventually arrived at Sukhothai bus station, which is about 3km outside the town. So having asked what we should pay to get to our hotel, we boarded this already crowded open back pick up truck, jammed our bags in and the truck hurtled down the road and screeched to a halt just by our hotel.

The hotel was really a B&B and in the dark looked pretty shabby, more so as you know who spotted a mouse! Our room was spotless, was comfortable and had aircon, so it was ok really. Having checked in we wandered into town, almost a kilometre, to find somewhere to eat. We found what looked like a backpackers bar, but there were Thais in there as well, live music (one man and his guitar). The food was ok, but by. This time we could have eaten anything, well almost anything!

Day 2

A huge breakfast, as we had underestimated the portion size and we struggled though, but managed to clear our plates.

We decided to go to Sukhothai Old City, which was the original capital of Siam, founded by their first king, in the 13th century. It is also the first weekend day of the Loi Kratong festival. Sukhothai apparently means 'rising of happiness'; Loi Kratong means 'floating crown'.

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