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a view down one side of the 'boulevard'

statues as part of the street posts

lots of wood panelling

one of the arcades

arcade interior


war memorial

It was a VERY fashionable hotel

the entry to the Pier

I had no expectaions as to what Southport would be like. I wasn’t going there for any touristy reason. So I was surprised. It obviously had been a tourist destination for the rich and famous at some time in its history.

The main street, like the Champs Elysees (the locals say that latter copied their wide boulevards.) Road in the centre, then an avenue of trees on each side, behind the trees, wide promenades. It’s a mile long, so people took their constitutionals, walking the length and back again.

The buildings are ornate and older ones have lots of wood and ornate features.

Must have been when wrought Iron was the 'in thing'?!

Whether this has always been Sainsburys I don't know. But it must be their falshe3st exterior in the country!

Even the war memorial built after WW1 has got to be the biggest outside National monuments!

The pier used to be the longest in the country, but was shortened somewhat when a storm took the last section. I didn't get a photo of that.

What still remains are 9 golf courses one of which is where the British Open is played every 7 years.

And if still accommodation, its not where I stayed.

I took a risk. It was cheap (advertised at around 75 pound for 3 days) When I went to pay they wanted cash. For 3 nights including very good full English breakfasts, they charged me 56 pound!

The person sharing my breakfast table always stayed here when in Southport for work. He said they always asked him what he paid last time! He paid 20 pound a night. So mine was extra good value. (

I wonder if they knew what they had advertised it for? The bed was double, the rest of the room small and shower toilet basin area also tiny. But adequate. The service impeccable. Always wanting to know if you had everything you needed. Offering help. Non intrusive. But?? I have no idea which of the two men I talked to was the owner/manager. One referred to the other as if he was. But that one said, I don’t own this, I just help out.

There are hand written names and contact numbers on the what to do if there is a fire poster. But they weren’t the names of either of the men that I met.

There was a third young man. He waited on table at breakfast and also seemed to be the cleaner. He stepped forward to help get my cases down stairs too. He was Polish, speaking very good English. My breakfast companmion informed me that there were rooms at the back let out to immigrants at cheap rates, and that was how the house kept going.

So again a risk that turned out OK

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