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So up early again, not such a great idea. After a few to many TUI beers, we were a little slow getting out and about. Once we did, we drove down to Cuba street, which is in downtown wellington. From there we walked to find breakfast at a little place called Olive. It was quite good. We then decided to go find the local craft market, (imagine that, Kara finds a market!). This was actually quite nice, we walked along the wharfs and waterfront in the downtown area. They have it set up beautifully there, where there are places for kids to jump into the ocean, marina like areas for kayak and paddle boat rentals, and little cafes everywhere. We found the market which was right on the waterfront as well but in a little underground parkade. We managed to find some very unique things here. Once we tour the wharfs for a while, new decided to drive to the top of mount Victoria, which is basically in the centre of Wellington, and has beautiful 360degree views of the entire city and coastlines. After that we headed back to Christina's house and got back into the pre-loading for more rugby. One of the guys at the house was offering out drinks and was quite shocked when he looked over and saw Kara drinking right from the bottle of wine. He kept offering her a glass, but she refused and kept on. After pre-loading for a couple of hours, we caught the shuttle (taxi van) down to the stadium, as everyone was quite sure it wasn't the best of ideas to take the same bus route again. We arrived at the stadium, and enjoyed another amazing evening of Rugby. Once again, there wasn't a single person not in costume, the only difference, was that everyone's costumes were in brutal condition after the events from the night before. England ended up besting Kenya in finals, which was a great match, even going into extra time. Was quite the exciting finish, other than that England won and everyone was cheering for Kenya. We finished at the rugby, and headed out for another late night supper, the back to the house to try and catch some shut eye before our early departure to the ferry to the South Island!

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