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Started the day off by taking Tom to lunch at "Tommys" a...

All of us minus Debbie (who was taking the picture) at Tommy's...

Downtown San Diego. From the bow of a boat that we were...

San Diego City

San Diego and part of the Naval Base

Heading toward the "Coronado Bay Bridge" in San Diego, CA

Look at all the sea lions sunning themselves

USS Aircraft Carrier known as the "Ronald Reagan"

Landing Aircraft Carrier

Debbie at the bow of the boat

Jan and John Hartman with beautiful San Diego right behind them

The National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military

Debbie and Bob Hope

A lucky sailor has found his love

The United States Military

Debbie amongst the military folks

Debbie and the military

Military Helicopter

The "Seafood Fish Company" is where we took Tom for his favorite...

Cabrillo National Momument. We briefly stopped by as they were soon going...

Debbie with the city of San Diego behind her at sunset

A lighthouse that was on top of the hill at Cabrillo National...

Today is Tom's birthday. So John and Jan and I took him to downtown San Diego for a wonderful Harbor Excursion (boat ride) along the beautiful San Diego Bay. On this cruise we saw the Aircraft Carrier "Midway". We also saw the Ronald Regan CVN-76.

Then I mention to Jan that Tom's favorite food is "seafood", anyone that knows Tom knows he loves his seafood. So she recommended the Fish Market that looks out over the San Diego Bay. It was fantastic.

I think Tom really enjoyed his day.

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Tom,

Happy Birthday to you.

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