Escape From Britain! 2011 travel blog

2nd Feb: We have come down in altitude now so it´s much warmer and people aren´t struggling to breath so much and peoples headaches are better etc. On the journey here we stopped at a bridge which looked like it belongs in a fairytale! Everyone was excited to get to Sucre as they felt better and it looked nicer than everywhere else we had been in Bolivia so far so we had a good night out for dinner at ´Joy Ride´and then cheap drinks at Florins.

3rd Feb: It was really hot and sunny today, yay! But not near any beaches as Bolivia is landlocked so we went to the park where they have a mini (mini) Eiffel Tower replica! In the afternoon Simon went rock climbing until the thunder, lightning and hail came!! He had a good time though. Abby went for a wander and ice cream with Bre (one of our friends on the tour)

4th Feb: We just had a wander round the town this morning. In the afternoon Simon went to watch the rugby (6 nations) and Abby went to a local orphanage. She was pleasantly surprised when she got there as it was nice and clean and they had a little playground out the back. It was easy to think you were in a nursery though rather than that these children have no parents. We went shopping before and bought some supplies for the orphanage like milk and nappies etc. It was the last night of the second part of our tour tonight so we went out for some drinks.

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