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Today we traveled 354 miles from Edmonton, AB to Dawson Creek, BC. Dawson Creek is the start of the Alaskan Highway. We are staying at Mile 0 RV and will stay a second night so we can go downtown to the ALCAN Museum and signpost. The road was very straight for most of the drive with some hills. We did see several deer, including one doe with two fauns one of which was still spotted. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a photo due to driving 60 mph. It's difficult to get used to using kilometers for distance. Today's weather was sunny to partly cloudy. Temperatures in the low to mid 70's. Nighttime temps have been in the upper 50's. Eat your heart out Alabamians, we are enjoying every minute of it before we return. Most road signs are symbols, some of which takes seeing several before understanding what they mean.

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