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Fisherman's Corner Recreation Area
On the Mississippi River at Lock #14

Carpe Diem meets the "Happy Hooker"
The rally grounds became a quagmire

Carpe Diem meets the "Happy Hooker"
The rally grounds became a quagmire

Sat, 24 Jul: Back on the road again after 3½ weeks in Forest City. We planned to decamp early and all was progressing well until we tried to pull out of our campsite for the past two weeks. Days of rain took their toll on the Winnebago Rallygrounds, which became a quagmire of mud and slippery grass. Carpe made it about one coach length and then the wheels started spinning. When your rear axle is almost 20,000 pounds spinning wheels means deep ruts—very quickly!

We stopped trying to move before we dug ourselves in deeper (literally and figuratively) and placed a call to CoachNet, our roadside assistance service. They sent an industrial sized wrecker and we were winched out in no time (see pictures). Sandi had to change her clothes as she looked like some sort of mud child. The assistance from our fellow RVers was really great. Too bad none of them happened to have a heavy duty wrecker...

Once on the road (an hour and a half later than planned) our journey to East Moline, Illinois was uneventful. Intermittent showers and drizzle, but nothing worse. Excellent roads and minimal traffic contributed to an enjoyable 260-some mile drive. We arrived at Fisherman's Corner Recreation Area a bit before four and got set up as the skies opened. More rain, just what we need...

Fisherman's Corner Recreation Area is right on the Mississippi River just south of I-80 (Exit #1) across the river from Davenport, Iowa. It is administered by the Corps of Army Engineers (who also run the adjacent Lock and Dam #14). We got a nice concrete pad (the first time Carpe has been on a hard surface in almost a month) with 50 ampere power for $8/nite (with our federal "old fart" cards). We'll be here overnite and hope to be in Elkhart, Indiana by mid afternoon tomorrow. Our route takes us thru Chicago on I-80 so we're planning to do that on a Sunday morning to minimize the traffic hassles and aggravation.

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