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The lighthouse at Gilbert's Cove

Tree at Gilbert's Cove shaped by the wind

Awesome stone church at St Bernard

Church at Crosses Coques

Cape Forchu lighthouse, tallest that we have seen

We had lunch at the lighthouse restaurant with a great view

Balanced rock below lighthose at Cape Forchu

Sandford harbor, a little town outside Yarmouth

Harbor view as we ate fresh scallops for supper at Digby

The Cat ferry coming into port at Yarmouth

Side view of the The Cat ferry, a very impressive boat

Today, we drove down the Fundy Shore and Annapolis Valley towards Yarmouth. A very scenic drive along the Bay of Fundy through picturesque fishing villages and some awe inspiring churches. We visited the beautiful Catholic Church at St. Bernard. It took 32 years to build this stone church. It is just as beautiful inside as it is on the outside. Not too far from this church, we found another beautiful church near Church Point. We drove out to and photographed several lighthouses along the way. At Yarmouth, we drove out to Cape Forchu which has the tallest lighthouse that we have seen. This new, more modern lighthouse at Cape Forchu built in the early 1900’s replaced an older wooden lighthouse that had been there since the late 1700’s. This lighthouse is built on a large hill, on a craggy bluff with a great view of the bay, the river going to Yarmouth and the surrounding area. We had lunch at the dining room of the old historical lighthouse keeper’s home next to the lighthouse with a great view and had hoped to see The Cat Ferry pass by on it’s way to Yarmouth from Portland, Maine, but it was not on schedule so we drove on in to Yarmouth to watch it come in. The Cat came in about an hour late and we were told that it had some electrical problems that had caused the delay. The Cat ferries people, cars, semi trucks and campers back and forth from Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine a couple times a day. It can carry over 200 vehicles and travels at a speed of up to 56 mph with it’s 36,000 hp diesel engines. Traveling time from Bar Harbor is 3 hours and from Portland is 6 hours. As you can see from the pictures it has a catamaran type bottom and is very streamlined for speed. It is similar to the ferry that we will be taking to Newfoundland in a couple weeks. From Yarmouth, we drove back to Digby to eat their world famous scallops. We ate at Fundy Restaurant at the Digby harbor and the scallops were just as good as advertised. From here, we drove back to the campground. As the sky cleared and the sun seemed to be going down in such a clear fashion, we left about 9:00pm in search of a good view of the sun setting on the ocean. We crossed a mountain (Parker Mountain) and drove towards the setting sun, but the closer we got to the shore, the more the fog settled in and as we reached the end of Parker’s Cove Harbor, we were completely socked in with no view of the sunset at all. But, we did meet and talk with a lobster fisherman at the harbor for quite a while. The people here in Nova Scotia are very friendly and down to earth and it was a real treat to talk with this fisherman. He explained to us about how the boats are cradled as they drop and sit on the ocean floor each low tide and then float back to the edge of the wharf at each high tide. As you can imagine, it was a very interesting conversation between two Tennessee hillbillies and a Nova Scotia lobster fisherman.

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