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Calf Roping on Foot

Steer Decorating

Pole Bending

Steer Riding

Breakaway Calf Roping

Chute Dogging

Goat Dressing

Barrel Racing

Team Roping

Flag Racing

Wild Drag Racing

The intermission entertainer--James Allan Clark

The FGRA members

The FGRA members

The Lone Rider

A Cowboy!!!!!

Another cowboy!!!!

Learning Line Dancing/CW Dancing on the midway!

Austin Bab-tist Women

The Florida Gay Rodeo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (April 3-5, 2009)...

I took a road trip to attend the 4th annual Florida Gay Rodeo. It was a three day event as part of the International Gay Rodeo Association. It was a wonderful weekend filled with lots of laughs. The rodeo took place at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds. 'Cowboys' from the US and Canada participated in the events and attended the event. I have included both still digital photos and video of the events of the rodeo.

There were 13 events divided into 4 categories: ROUGH STOCK EVENTS--bull riding, bareback bronc riding, chute dogging; ROPING EVENTS--calf roping on foot, break-away roping, team roping; SPEED EVENTS--barrel race, pole bending, flag race; CAMP EVENTS--goat dressing, steer decorating, wild drag race.

The Grand Entry was a spectacular sight, especially the lone rider, which symbolized all of our 'family' who had fallen due to AIDS. That was a heartwrenching salute. The intermission entertainer was an up and coming CW singer, James Allan Clark.

On Saturday, there was an evening event that included a female impersonation group called Austin Bab-tist Women, a local CW/Line Dancing group, an finished off with an outdoor concert featuring EXPOSE.

The midway featured tents and booths of various types and materials for sale. There was even a line dance/CW tent where you could learn to dance some of the well-known dances in the CW bars.

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