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Suwanee River (Yes, That One!)

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Manatee Springs


Cypress Knees

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Our Only Manatee Sighting

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Here for two days. Photo's to follow

The Great Manatee Hunt: We are in a very nice and friendly camp for two nights, and not far from the Suawanee River - yes, that one "Way Down Upon the S R..." and also "Suawanee How I Love You..." Warm fresh water springs along the river produce milions of gallons of water. The park service has made swimming holes at the outlet of a couple of these springs. The water then flows into the river. And that warm water is the reason the manatees congregate there in the winter!

A manatee is a big water mammel - adults can be eight feet long and weigh thousands of pounds. They are about the size of a walrus, but have a big flat tail and two appendages/flippers. They are big, homely, gentle, friendly creatures. People here talk about swimming with the manatees, or petting them and they roll over like a dog to scratch their tummy. They are very sensitive to cold, and during the winter months swim up the Suawanee River and frolic in the warm spring water. So we set out to see a manatee. We found people swimming in the pools; we found jumping mullets and tiny minnows with bright blue tails; we saw cypress knees and butter weed and squirrels; found lots of vultures perching on nearby tree limbs; followed long boardwalks out to the river; learned the turtles and the aligators were still hibernating; spent several hours searching but none of us caught a glimpse of a manatee! By Gail

More on Steinhatchee, by Diane

Just wanted to add what a neat little RV park we stayed at here. It was called Natures Coast RV Resort. They only have about 15 spaces, but the owners, Yvonne and Tony, had a campfire for us the first night we were there and made us chocolate chip cookies. What more could you ask for? They really bent over backwards to make our stay enjoyable. They also recommended a great place to have pizza, right across the street in the gas station. We could walk there and had a pretty decent pizza to boot.

I am with Gail, though that we still have to watch for Manatee's and Alligators too.

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