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Helen with Ursula before we leave Kuata

Gareth and Dan - Cornish boys!

L to R ---> Ursula, Helen, Sarah and Jodi

Close-up!!! L to R ---> Ursula, Helen, Sarah and Jodi

L to R ---> Ian, Dan and Gareth

L to R ---> Ian, Dan and Gareth

Jodi at Kuata!

Ian Finch: Flying maverick

Gareth and Helen at Kuata

You can wipe that smirk off your face for a start young...

These things are the equivalent of Seagulls. They cause pain and misery...

The view across the bay from Kuata

The Decking at Kuata. People hang out here on the deck chairs...

The beach at Kuata. Not totally amazing because of the Coral (Left)....

Left to right... dunno, Ursula, Jodi, Sarah, Helen, Dawn, Gareth, Ollie, Torquay,...

Goodbye Kuata - Hello Bounty Island! Our Twin Bure at Bounty.

Helen on the beach at Bounty Island - Don't forget the sun...

Gareth taking look at the coral. It takes only 30 mins to...

A huge sign we found on the other side of the island....

The Bounty Island resort at night. Bit dark but you can just...

The welcome sign at Bounty!

The staff at Bounty kick into the farewell song... It's very much...

You can just make out one of the Bounty guys on the...

On Fiji they sing if you arrive, if you leave, if you...

The Farewell song in full flow!

It was the last day at Kuata and also the last time we'd be with a lot of friends we'd made. Although we were off to Bounty Island today most of the others were going to South Sea Island, which was just next to Bounty. The boat was in the afternoon so we spent most of the morning taking pics of everyone and getting email addresses. We also managed to get a couple of cheaky snorkel sessions in. By the afternoon we had all crowded round on the beach waiting for the boat to come. Our friend from Southampton Paul showed us how he'd cut his knee the night before. Apparently he got a bit drunk and ended up falling over on the beach. Eventually fell asleep in a hammock until the early hours. That reminds me. Cornwall is seriously lacking hammocks! Gareth intends to start up a hammock factory when he gets home. ;-)

Eventually the 'Yasawa Flyer' turned up and we all went our separate ways. At this point it's worth saying hi to the following:

Jodi and Sarah: See you in Auckland, New Zealand!

Bernt and Ursula: Hey guys - Maybe see you in Auckland too!

Dave (Sleazy) and Jo: Our Sh*thead tournament has only just begun!!

Dan: See you in Cornwall somewhere - dreckly ;-)

Ian: So are you really from Torquay?? hahahahaaa

Hi to Sabrina and Tina the German girls... and to Dave and Kerin.. are you stalking us or are we following you!!??!



We arrived at Bounty Island at about 6pm. My my my, what's this? hot showers? This is posh! Bounty had a reputation for being a bit tidy and now we could see why. There were Gareth set about getting all our electrical stuff charged back up. Then... pleasant suprise... MOBILE RECEPTION!!!

Lots of messages and texts came in and we sent lots out too. Great stuff!

Even Gareth's CD player got a charge up!

We then got changed into our evening wear and headed for a walk on the beach.

Note: You have to wear jeans and long sleave top in Fiji when it gets dark. It's not a cultural thing - it's just suicide if you don't. The mozzies can smell your lovely fresh skin from miles away. Poor Helen even recieved a bite on the forehead at one stage. The pain that caused was apparently a bit much. You can't put the mozzie protection on your face because it's full on poison, so you just have to put up and shut up!

The island is so small that we'd walked around the whole thing in 30 mins! Mad! It was lovely though and the sun went down just towards the end of the walk. As we got back to the dining area the food was being served up. We met a couple from Christchurch (New Zealand) who gave us some great advice about where to go and what to do. Gareth and Helen had been in a bit of a pickle, as they weren't so sure about buying a camper van. (What if it broke down in the middle of no-where?)

After dinner the staff sang a greetings song (no big shock there) and everyone got to know each other. By 8.30pm Helen and Gareth were shattered so they headed back to their Bure. That night they broke 12 hour sleep mark again!

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