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In the Antarctic Centre playing

Waiting for a simulated storm to blow

Here it comes

In a snow vehicle

Ethan's turn

We didn't spend much time in the city because by now Chris was getting tired of driving and we were all getting tired of the constant travelling. But we did make it to the International Antarctic Centre in Chrischurch. It was a very educational for us and we learned alot about Antartica. We learned how the sea creature have adapted to the extreme temperatures and also learned what the the ozone layer is and how it has been depleted due to certain chemicals used primarily in the northern hemisphere and how the hole in the ozone layer is above Antartica. We learned about the sea creatures and how they have adapted to the extreme temperatures in the South pole. Probably the most fun though was the storm simulator that we got to go inside and experience. Honestly, it felt like a typical day in Aurora during winter to us. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

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