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We finally made it to Maine!

We are all sure that New Hampshire is a great state, but we only got to see the upper edge, around 35 miles of it. But we can all say that the part that we saw was really beautiful.

We arrived in Lancaster New Hampshire and had our rigs all set up around 3 or so. We had chosen this RV Park because of its advertised Wi-fi. Well, we got put back in the far reaches of the park and while it was very nice back there, the wi-fi did not reach us. Juliann and Don did try to make the internet work by walking up to the office, but neither one had any luck so the rest of us didn't even try.

Don had planned on cooking us all breakfast on the morning of August 5th, but Bonnie reported early that morning that he was feeling poorly and breakfast was off. We all took that as a sign that we needed another break. Some of us just laid around and napped most of the day and some of us drove into Lancaster and strolled through a few shops. That afternoon's tea time was a little chilly (weather wise) and the girls had to put on sweaters. Quite a change from a few weeks ago.

On the morning of the 6th, we left New Hampshire and Maine was in our sights. This day's trip was around 170 miles and we were headed for a small town outside of Bangor. We had chosen this small town, Hermon, because the Pellegrini's and the Fine's were having mail sent to them. It is much easier to find your general delivery mail in a small town rather than a large city with more than one post office.

We are all amazed at how beautiful this scenery is. Much different from what we are used to. Lots of rolling hills with trees, some evergreen, with oak and maples and aspens. The small towns are very neat and tidy with lots of old multi level buildings lining the main streets. The churches are many, white with great steeples.

We arrived safely around 2 and decided that we had better work on our itinerary. We spent about one hour trying to make reservations for the state of Maine. Seems like everyone wants to be in Maine in August. We finally got our RV parks booked and 6 of us (Evans, Fines, & Pellegrini's) took off for the local truck stop for dinner. We had our first taste of Lobster and blueberries for desert. Was a really great place to eat.

The morning of August 7th, we all slept in as Don was going to try to prepare us all breakfast again. This time he succeeded and it was great. Eggs, pancakes, bacon and melon. Then the Pellegrini's and the Fine's took off to find their mail. Well, it seems that they were too close to Bangor and the Hermon Post Office was just a sub-station and their mail had been forwarded to the Bangor main Post Office. At least they got to see Downtown Bangor. The Evans and the Fontana's just found the local Wal-mart to stock up and the Fontana's went to the local truck stop this night for dinner, and had their first taste of lobster. Tony also bought a new CB antenna so we could hear him better!

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