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Army museum

Captured Huey

Russian Mig 21

The tank that stormed into Siagon 1975

Wasnt me sir

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Uncle Ho's house

Uncle Ho's study

Presidential building

Life in Vietnam

Coolie Hats in the making

Coolie Hats in the making

Dancing lion costume

Woven baskets

Ethnic Village huts

Native jewellery

tablet of scholars

turtle symbol of longevity

dragon symbol of power

Temple flowering tree

Temple incense holder

Temple local folk music

There are many museums here but we were interested in a few in particular on our City Tour:

The Army Museum - explained Vietnam's past from very early Chinese rule, to French colonialism, to the Vietnam war and communism to present day.

The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum - (unfortunately, his body was away in Russia for re-preservation?? so we couldn't go in - but we did see buildings of significance around it). For example, where he lived and worked, the presidential building etc.

The Museum of Ethinology (info and displays on the various tribes and 56 cultures in Vietnam) - as we will be staying with some local tribes, this was an interesting insight into what makes them each different. The Coolie hats are still worn by women here but hard to take as a souvenir I'm afraid...they don't pack well.

The Temple of Literature - this temple was where very smart students went to be trained from the early 1200's to 1802. The Tablets of Scholars was a list of those who graduated after 5 years and in particular, those who got the best grades. They are mounted on turtles as this is the symbol of longevity.

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