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Adrian's treasures

Courtyard of our Guest House

Entrance to historic Lijiang

House of cards

Main street of old city

Mao memorial

Park in Lijiang

Women in old Lijiang

We recently arrived in old Lijiang, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996. It's a beautifully preserved city maintained in the style of the Naxi people indigenous to this area, located high up at the edge of the Tibetan mountains in northern Yunnan province. No cars are permitted in the old city and the cobblestone streets, complete with canals, are a pleasure to negotiate by foot. Our Guest House and most all others are maintained magnificently in Naxi style with a stone interior courtyard inlaid with various designs. Many small shops and restaurants are accessible only by private wood bridge over the rapidly running canals. There are squares at the junction of several streets where folks hang out, chat and play mah-jong.

Tomorrow morning we will leave to trek the Tiger-Leaping Gorge, a 3 day hike through the world's deepest gorge. If you are interested in what it looks like, check out and we'll fill you in on how it was when we get back!

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