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Flowers in October

(New) Old Town Square

City Walls

Old Town Skyline

Warsaw Uprising Memorial


Red Tree and Thing

Red Squiggle


Why me? Why do I end up sitting next to the fat, old odourous bloke on a bus for 26 hours? No, I wasn't looking at my reflection in the window Kevin! I guess I was the one who chose to get the bus rather than fly for about the same cost and in only 2 hours. Actually the journey wasn't that bad, I tuned into or out of the odour and only really noticed it after rest stops.

So back to Warsaw for my third visit, last time I was here it was 2 feet deep in snow, this time there is no snow but it felt cold enough for it. The sudden drop in temperature has caused me a few problems (and cost me a small fortune), I can't seem to go for more than an hour without a desperate need to pee. Unfortunately Poland is one of those countries where it is very difficult to find a free toilet, especially at short notice. In fact, in a country where I can buy a can of very nice beer for about 50p, it can cost up to 30p to get rid of it again.

I arrived late on Sunday evening and just had time for a short walkabout before having to catch up on all the sleep I missed on the bus. I spent Monday morning sorting out the next part of my trip, booking the bus to Lithuania and then the afternoon wandering around the old parts of town, or the reconstructions of the old parts of town. It's definitely autumn here although there are a surprising number of flower still out. I tried not to retake photographs that I already have and to find new angles for old views.

On Tuesday, I spent most of my day in the various parks filling the city. It really is a beautiful time of the year even if it is too cold, I've been playing with the "autumn leaves" setting on my camera.

On Wednesday I checked out of the hostel, stored my bags and then took a wander over to the other side of the Vistula. The distict of Praga was also full of nice parkland, the zoo and a huge shopping complex.

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