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Roll a bowl!

I'm engrossed in the granny action!!

Today all we had to to do is check out of the YHA and check in to another hostel for our final 2 nights in Hobart, only thing is we cant check in until 2pm so we have a few hours to kill.

As we hand the car back in today we went for a drive about to see if there was anything to do.

We drove to try and find a beach that we saw on a map that was quite near by but when we got there it wasn't much of a beach so we turned around down a side road and stumbled across a bowls green where we watched old people play bowls for 10 minutes while we ate our rolls! Rock 'n' Rolls man!!!!

Then we decided to go to the Cadburys Chocolate Factory......but they don't do tours anymore! So we ended up just having a look around the town centre!

We checked in to our hostel, took the car back then had fish fingers for dinner! (I can't believe I am actually telling you all of this......feel free to stop reading at any point!!!!)

Took the car problems this time!! probably has something to do with not having Matty driving with us anymore!!

We spent the evening in the hostel watching telly as it is freeeeeezing outside!

And that was that really! The hostel is really nice! It's quite weird as you walk up through an office block and it is the 2 floors above that but the rooms are really clean and it has a good communal area!

Chatted to a mad old woman about random stuff then called it a night!


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