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A must see museum...Montana Historical Society Museum

Sculpture to honor the rough breed called the "cowboy"

The sculpture is the "Herd Bull"

Remembers all those that came to live and settle in Montana

This was my favorite oil painting by Montana's "Cowboy Artist", Charles M....

The tiny moccasins are about 2 inches long with very indicate beading.

A decorated buffalo hide robe

Many great displays like this one of a hunter and his prey

The claws on this guys are incredible. Next to it is a...

This is a 3 dimensional art work of indians driving the buffalo...

Many displays of all phases of muskets, rifles and hand guns

Lots of garment displays...the beading and embroidery is so detailed

A buffalo hunters coat

Typical cabin

Not much in the way of furnishings for the hunters

This chair was velvet and buffalo horns

This is a dancing cloak..died shells & beads...spectacular

The parlor of the upper middle class

More modern kitchen....electricity was now available in the prairies

Wow..50 Horse Power

The unusual blue eyed/ white buffalo

Great example of the white buffalo

The lilacs perfume the air everywhere...it is my favorite

The drive from Missoula to Helena was gorgeous. Helena is the capital of Montana. We travelled about 70 miles on I-90. Usually interstates are not exactly your site seeing routes, but this portion of I-90 through Montana is really pretty. Then, we turned off onto SR12 for about 50 miles to get to Helena. Again, beautiful country. Green mountains, lots of trees, large ranches in beautiful valley's and lots and lots of creeks and rivers. In fact, there is a lot of water in Montana. Makes me want to fish and kayak. It helps that the weather is perfect!!!! We even got to see cowboys driving a large herd of cattle. They actually drive the cattle across I-90. There are lots of warning signs. We were at nearly 6,000 feet and there was snow here and there. I drove today and it sure was a pleasure.

We found the Elks Lodge in Helena. Our intention was to park for a short while, visit the capital and move on to Manhattan, MT.

When we got to the capital, we spotted the Montana Historical Society Museum. The entrance fee is $5. The best $5 we have spent in a long time. This museum is awesome. The artifacts, write ups, art work and displays are really well done. The number of preserved, authentic indian artifacts is astounding. We both love to read all the details, but I think it would take the better part of a day to do that. They even tell you to keep your receipt if you want to come back the next day.

We did not get to the capital bldg. until nearly 4:30. So we are staying the night. I really like visiting the capitals and do the guided tours. The docents are so informed and really add to the experience.

We are parked at the Elks Lodge about 3 miles away. No hookups, but the lodge manager is letting us stay for free.

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