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After a pretty uneventful trip across on the boat (although I still managed to get burnt even though I had applied sunscreen), we arrived at the port. The second taxi driver offered the right price and I loaded myself and stuff in the back of the ute and off we went. I had already been given a heads up that there was no way to get all the way to the resort by taxi so not sure what's in front of me.

He dropped me off at the side of the road and pointed me down towards the beach and said that it was about ten minute walk along the beach. Fair enough. So off I went after getting my pack and daypack on. Not a good experience I must say.

The 'easy walk' was through soft sand, over rocks, through a restaurant where you must remove your shoes, over walkways and eventually up a bunch of so-so steps. By the time I arrived, they did the right thing and gave me a glass of water. I probably looked like I needed it!

I still hadn't recovered fully by the time they had grabbed my key and headed me up more stairs. This was not when I was feeling my best. I made it about a third of the way up before having to stop. I didn't feel good and the guy finally helped with taking my backpack for me. It wasn't the one I wanted to give him as that was easy to deal with. It was the day pack that was making the whole thing pull down on my shoulders that I asked him to take. Still one shouldn't complain when given assistance.

After several more stops, I eventually made it to the top and found him at the second bungalow along. As soon as he left I made for the shower to cool down. WHAT, no hot water and only a fan...NO AIR CON!!! But this is supposed to be a 'splurge' option and at 1300B a night I expect things.

The cold shower felt good anyway though and helped me recover. The room was very large and had a big balcony over looking the bay. It had two large sliding glass doors that opened it up to the world and the bathroom was in black tile. It was supposed to be this fantastic expert designed place, but the lightning was really bad. In fact I don't think it was ever in the original plan as there was only a couple of bad light bulbs hanging by their wires. Not what you would expect. The room also kept pretty warm and the fan was almost useless.

The restaurant had a great location with a welcoming breeze. I had some rice and three cold drinks. I also grabbed some drinks to take back to the room. One thing that does work well in the room is the sink plug. That will become my fridge...after I use it to wash some clothes.

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