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My bungalow


The time came to leave Phuket and farewell I place that was making the pretty come to life. The upside is, I'm off to Koh Samui so it should continue. I had to be ready by 7.45 am for the bus and half an hour after that he arrived. We proceeded to pick up more passengers until the minibus was full. We then took off a lot of the drivers rubber on his tyres as he high tailed it too fast along some bumpy roads and bottomed out many times. One was really bad and he slowed down a little after that.

We arrived at a drop off point and not told anything but to wait. Don't like not being told anything. Still, I sat patiently and kept an eye on the others that had been on the same minibus as other people were also arriving. If my group started to disappear, I wanted to know.

Eventually a guy came and got me to say that it was my turn. For what exactly?

I followed him then entered the room after another couple came out. It was the guy to organise the boat part of the journey across to the island. He also asked me if I wanted to pay 100 baht to take his taxi service to my hotel. I knew I could probably get it cheaper there but my arse had already been on a bus for another 3 odd hours so I agreed as I wasn't in the mood to haggle.

The bus to take us to the boat was a big one and much nicer and more comfortable. That ride wasn't too long and then we were taken off and directed to the boat. My crap has never felt so heavy. My arms have major bruises on them from lugging the backpack up and down on a pretty constant basis.

I got on the boat and grabbed a seat at a table. Eventually I was joined by an Swedish couple who were making their 4th journey to Samui. We talked the whole way and he made it very enjoyable as the time flew. She was hilarious. She didn't speak much English but understands some so if he tried to say something about her, she quite often picked him up on it. Great couple.

It was a beautiful journey and I wish I'd gotten some shots but the conversation didn't stop. You would have loved it Mum. I'll got some shot's on the way to the next island or on the way back to the mainland. It took just over an hour and a half to get to Samui and I'm grateful about paying the 100 baht. Straight away the drivers pounced and one guy was told it would be 500 baht which he then responded by asking the driver if he was taking him all the way to Bangkok as that is what 500 baht would get him!

I found my guy and loaded into the minibus with one other couple. They were dropped off at the Shangrila villa's and were none too impressed with the sight of it. New villa's were being built so there was lots of construction going on and it didn't look appealing. They hoped the other side was better.

I then was taken to my stop, Matlang Resort. It was the first recommendation in LP which is why I chose it. At first I was a little dubious. 500 baht for a front garden bungalow with fan only. I paid then had a good look at the place. There is toilet paper stuck into gaps in the ceiling, the back of the bathroom door is rotted, there is no hot water, the wooden floor has duct tape on parts of it to hide larger gaps and the curtains are partially see through. I LOVE THE PLACE.

Seems strange doesn't it. But it's hot here so who cares about the water temperature, you only notice the toilet paper if you look up, the duct tape causes no problems, the curtains show shadow and nothing more and I'm on my own so looking at the back of the bathroom door is not going to happen a whole hell of a lot.

It is also in a beautiful garden with extremely easy access to the restaurant right on the beach which also has a TV, internet access and lockers to keep stuff safe. The food at the restaurant is also top notch. Bloody good grub. The banana pancakes are awesome.

So here I am after another long day of travel in a thatched roof bungalow on the beach listening to the loudest thunder I have ever heard. It's shaking the place. Bloody love it.

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