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Say cheese!!!

Either those mushrooms we had for breakfast were 'special' or these cows...

I luvs my cheese!!!!

I'm not so keen!

Em with her army around the army cow.

Major Moooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Mmmmmmm cheesy-liscious!


A cow has 32 teeth aparentley! mwaaah

A cow and a flag

This one was modeled on Austen!

Mmmmm choccy-liscious

Save some room for later Augustus! (Ozz: shove it Verooka!!)

Hanging by the beach


A floating stag head in the Irish Pub..................

Our second roast dinner in 6 months.......BEAUTIFUL!!!

I couldn't possibly eat another......

...Oooh Lemon Meraingue Pie you say....weellll it would be rude not too!

Stick a fork in me....I'm done!

Spleepy time now!

Today we were driving up to Devonport but decided to stop at a few things (mainly food related en route!) We are very sad to be leaving the Art House as it was a really nice hostel! but alas it is time to move on.

So first stop was the cheese factory! (which I was VERY excited about!) basically it was just a cheese shop but they had lots of cheeses out to have a taster of, the lavander one was surprisingly nice and maybe the strangest on offer but we decided to buy a lump of chilli cheese (which was bleeeeedin 'ot!!) and I got a little selection box with crackers for lunch.

After this we stopped at a chocolate factory (which Ozz was VERY excited about!) again this was pretty much just a shop! but again they had tasters and the chocolate was really good! we left here with a bag of chocolate drops and a big smile! they do have tours but as it was a Sunday it wasn't on but we did have a little look in a small museum they had there.

We then had about a 10 minute drive to Devonport which is on the top of the Island and is an industrial town, and according to our travel book, is not meant to have too much going on!

Buuuuut we are staying above an Irish pub called Molly Malones, It is a private room and very cheap...and did I mention it is above a pub! so we are pretty happy!

The room was pretty nice and clean and once we chucked our stuff in the room we went out to investigate Devonport.

We came across a busy looking beach so we stopped of and eat some lunch, Ozz went for chilli chees sarny and I had my slightly melted cheese and cracker platter which was delish!

We sat here for a bit until Ozz got hit in the face by a frisbee then we decided to go and find something else to do! we decided on the cinema and went to catch the 4.55 of 7 Pounds with Will Smith- a really good film if anyone hasn't seen it! quite sad though :*( so a box of popcorn and a box of tissues later we decided to head back to the pub/hostel and see what the pub had on offer for dinner.

Rather luckilly we had timed it just right for a Sunday roast! and the pub was heaving which we though must be a good sign! the food was Beautiful! So we decided share a desert too! :)

After this we were full and knackered after a busy busy day!! so we retired to our room and had an early night.

Devonport didn't turn out too bad at all!


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