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A little Echidna we spotted on the side of the road (the...

Dove Lake with the rather menacing looking Cradle Mountain in the background!

Same same but different (Marions Lookout on the right hand side)

A baby Wallaby bouncing around next to the path


Taking a breather after a 10 minute hike! are you digging my...

Ozz decided to join me....

Hello Mr Wombat!

Very cute but very hungry!

It did attack feet though aparently. Much to Em's annoyance it didn't...

Mr Wombat gets a double thumbs up from me!

Another lake

Same lake, different angle!!!

Wombat Pool or Wombat Poo! you decide....

Ozz on his way to the top of Marions Lookout.....I was eating...

It does look nice from the top though!

Back down to Dove Lake and the car park just off of...

Dove Lake with rows of hills and peaks in the distance. Me...

Cradle Mountain

Where's Wally??

There he is!

A ghostly forest

A bit more forest

It looked really good at the time, I promise!!!


Our plan for today was to drive the 2 hours over to Cradle Mountain early so we/I could climb that sucker!

In true A&E style though we made it out of the hostel.........just before midday!!!

After much windey roadness on the way there (and a bit of a lack of petrol scare!) we finally made it by about 2.30pm.

After checking out the routes/treks we realised our options were limited as time wasn't on our side (funnily enough!!).

The walk to Cradle Mountain Peak (1,450 metres) was a full day so rather annoyingly that was off le menu, however the trek up to Marions Lookout (1,300ish metres) was only a 2-3 hour round trip so we went for that one instead.

About 5 minutes into our walk we stumbled across a little (baby/midget) wallaby bouncing around the path. A very cute little thing!

After saying goodbye to him we ran into his mate Mr Wombat a few hundred metres further up the path. He was minding his own business eating some schrubery....with about 8 people taking photos of him!! He didn't seem to mind though and soon wandered off into the bush for a little privacy!

About 20 minutes into the walk Em decided she prefered it back in the car with the food so made an about-turn and headed on back.......quite quickly cos she got a bit scared on her own aparently!!!

After a bit of a mission I made it up to the Lookout about an hour or so later, knackered but the pain soon went when I checked out the view!!!

The Landscape in Tasmania really is amazing and it's sooooo cool to hike for only 2 hours and have panoramic views like this!

I was slightly gutted while eating my lunch on the top that I didn't make it up to the top of Cradle Mountain itself but who knows......maybe next time!!!!

I made it back down to the car about an hour find Em having a little nap!!!! She told me she was trying to preserve her energy for the drive home!!!

We made it back to the hostel (via the supermarket) at about 9pm - where we had some late fud and then hung for a bit before crashing after a wicked (and a slightly tiring!) day.


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