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There comes a point when you must ask yourself, how many hours is my arse going to be plastered to a bus seat for the sack of progress in one's vacation? Clock up another eight hours for me today.

Still that is better than the twenty two hours my seat mate was doing travelling from Singapore to Phuket. Ouch. However she made the trip better for me and we had a pleasant journey together. I passed on my email so she could keep in touch. We shared food and stories and a few laughs about 'passing wind'.

I left my hostel for the bus stop at about 8.30ish am and as the VIP bus wasn't leaving till 3pm I caught the 9.30am air con bus. The VIP bus is the full on 'stewardess service' kind of bus ride. That I wanted. However as the trip was to take anywhere between 7-9 hours, leaving that late didn't appeal.

We arrived in Phuket town and my seat mate had already given me a heads up on taxi costs. As we arrived after 5.30pm all the buses to Karon Beach had ended so my cheap option there had gone. So a taxi I took at 500 baht. 125 Baht more than the original bus ticket cost. Still here I am in my room watching Independence Day on my PSP. Damn if that wasn't a bloody good investment. A few nights now it has given me something to watch or play. My golf still isn't up to par ; )

Earlier I had gone up the road a little for something to eat and check my emails at the internet café. Ticked off that a place that charges 700 Baht for an air con room, doesn't come with Wi-Fi. So for you sis, I am having a drink. They didn't sell what you drink so I grabbed a few mixed drinks. My first one a Mai Tai...appropriate I think. The next ones are...well one is blue and the other is...shit I don't remember. I'll get back to you on that one.

I am thinking I might stay two nights so I might be able to do a tour of Koh Phi Phi and others tomorrow. But the weather has been beautiful...it's rained all day. Okay, beautiful if I was home but not contusive to picture taking.

If I can't get on tomorrow, I might stay an extra day if they can get me in, or I'll move on to Ko Samui. It's another island on the east side. Not really wanting to get my arse plastered back in a seat just yet so I'll see.

Food wise today, breakfast consisted of a muesli bar then lunch was rice, pork? and zucchini and some unknown meat that had a hell of a kick to it. Too spicy for me. That was what we had when the bus pulled over. Dinner cost all of 30 baht for rice, pork, half an egg, cucumber and sauces. Bloody good. By the way, 30 Baht works out to about AUD$1.10.

Wait, I just went back to the fridge...the blue one is a Kamikaze and the 'orange' one is a screwdriver. My interpretation, drinking alone with my numb arse, sad bastard. Still I have Will Smith...and maybe a little Paul Waker (Into the Blue) later. Thanks for the heads up Deb.


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