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Spectacular views of the what is called the Grand Coulee

The rock formations of the gorge are amazing

Northeast Washington is really an arid desert

The Grand Coulee Dam in the distance with amazing rain clouds

The dam

Visitors Center

A memorial to those that built this amazing structure

These are the turbines in the right power plant #1

Below the dam

The backside of power plant #3

The tour bus stopped on the road atop the dam....very cool

This turbine was built by GE. There are others built by Westinghouse...

The pipe structures that are fed the water used for irrigation

My honey

This is a nice little town that was built for the dam...

So impressive

Today we saw the largest dam in the northern hemisphere. The Grand Coulee Dam in northeast Washington. So amazing. It is one of those places you need to see to believe.

The Grand Coulee Dam is ranked number five in the world. China has the biggest in the world. The word 'coulee' generally means a gulch or gully that is dry and was formed by running water. The Grand Coulee is a 50 mile trench that was formed by floodwaters during the ice age about 18,000 years ago. The granite bedrock was formed 40-60 millions years ago.

Roosevelt authorized the building of the dam. The first purpose was for irrigation then switched to creating power for the needs of WWII. After the war, irrigation efforts came to the forefront. Then the energy crisis in the 70's brought back the emphasis for power generation. Today both irrigation and power are being provided by this amazing dam.

Today the series of lakes which offers 247,000 surface acres of water provides for agriculture, fishing and the most water to the public in the entire state of Washington.

There are 3 power plants. Two of them produce 6000 watts of power and the third 8000 watts of power. The turbines are 5 stories high. The dam was built with no computers, calculators or any other modern equipment. It is truly amazing what the human spirit can accomplish.

This dam was once considered the 8th wonder of the world.

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