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Just some photo's of the hostel today as we didn't really do...

The DVD/Internet area

A photo of the hostel back in the day

Em's dorm

The Balcony

TV room

Ok so we had planned to stay in Tasmania for 2 weeks, but upon arriving speaking to other people decided we would just have 7 - 10 days here, so when we booked the car up we arranged to drop it off at the airport on th 12th and we were going to try and change our flight out to that day.

However......we tried everything to get out of Tasmania early (not that we don't like it here we just wanted to try and get back to Melbourne and spend some extra time there) but couldn't as the flights are either taken or the cost of changing the day/airport/ getting a boat back etc was going to cost us a small fortune!

Sooooooooooo we pretty much spent today on the phone to airlines and car rentals and tried to decide what to do! and as we write this message in fact...we are still deciding! we think we are just going to stay for another week and get the car for a few extra days.

We was supposed to go to Craddle Mountain today but as you can probably see we didn't quite make it so we plan to go tomorrow!

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