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Ya, It's Us...At Medanos de Coro Natl Park

Medanos de Coro Natl Park

Medanos de Coro Natl Park...Coro in Distance in Front of Foothills

Tim Walking Up a Dune at Medanos de Coro Natl Park

Cathedral Estab. 1531, Just 10 Years After Oldest Town (Cumana) in L....

Walking Plaza...Museum Across From Here

Museum of Art in 251 Year Old House of First Mayor...Newly Remodeled...

Second Floor of Museum - Old Mayor's House 251 Years Ago

Some of Old Colonial Homes Being Either Replaced or Remodeled...Note the Thick...

Remodeling of Old Colonial...Others Waiting Further Down the Street

Contrast, The Old and New

A total travel day, Tim is a bit frazzled! It started out very fine once we reached the bus terminal and got a por puesto to Maracay. These drivers are very good (and fast), this time there was no rain - when we came over the mtn it rained half the way - and the views were great as well as appreciating the single lane, winding, curving, narrow road thru rain forest/dense Park Henri Pittier Visit Henri Pittier, really nice drive! However, once we reached Maracay the terminal things got very difficult. We asked our driver about buses to Coro and he indicated a location in the terminal where we went and asked again. This time a fellow directed us to another terminal (Terminal Nuevo - an overstatement at the very least but maybe compared to the one we were in...??) just a block away. Here a fellow said the bus for Coro, the ONLY bus to Coro would leave at noon (now 10am). Bon asked if there was another way via a different town and transfer...we did not want to wait 2 hours! No, was the answer. So we sat for 2+ hours but when it arrived it was not going to Coro! The guy showed up and refunded our $$$ but we let him know we were not pleased in no uncertain terms (you know Bon can be quite forceful at times). So back to the original terminal and yes there are other ways to get to Coro, just take a bus to Valencia (buses leave every 15 min.) and from there buses go regularly to Coro!!! Now why didn't anyone tell us this earlier?? Maybe the way we phrased the qs? Maybe no one really has all the info, after all this was one of the MOST confusing terminals I think we have ever been in in all of L.A. I would not recommend coming to Maracay for any reason other than to continue on via por puesto to Puerto Colombia/Choroni!

Once in Valencia it was an easy transfer to another bus to Coro (45 min wait while it filled, of course) and then a very uncomfortable, freezing, dark bus ride. For some reason, Venezuelans don't like to see out the windows, the windows are either covered w/ glass darkening film or this case, BOTH.

Arr here at 8 pm and got the usual taxi driver run round ie no buses running this late (as a bus pulls up to the curb in front of the terminal! Gotcha, ya creep!). Anyway found Posada Touristica El Gallo and very nice gal, Nela, greeted us and made us feel right at home...she said (I think seeing my attitude) "No stress!". I began to calm immediately!


Eric and Nela are very nice houseparents/owners of this posada. They answered all our qs sometimes 2 and 3 times, they changed our dollars to bolivars (8:1), and were super friendly, nice folks...Nela being the main stay here as far as interacting w/ guests. Really, a 'mi casa es tu casa' place!

Went walking the city (see pics) and tried unsuccessfully to get to Adicora on the coast, had time to visit Medanos de Coro Natl Park on edge of town.The Park Here

Even tho we swore we would not go a second time, we ended up in City Center Restaurant where the music is it seems to be in most everywhere lots of times in L. America generally. It is surprising that the people do not seem to be going deaf, or maybe they are thus the volume of the music!?

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