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A peacock at the gorge

Cataract Gorge

Me on the suspension bridge

A bit more gorge

Oooooh what a gorgeous gorge!

Me on the bridge....again!

Gorge yourself on the some more gorge people!

Chair lifts going over the rapids

Mount Barrow

View from the top

A view of the top!

Have a peak at the peak!

Me and the top of Mount Barrow......

.......which I wasn't allowed to get to cos of all the secret...

Peeking out of the shelter

Peeking out of the shelter...again!

View from the top......ish!

...and a bit to the right!!!!

The shelter in front of the actual peak.

Another view!

Bet you feel like you've been up there yourself now don't you!?!?

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky....

The athlete rehydrating

The half an hour track up to the mountain walk. Taz points...

Driving, Miss Lazy.

We headed out this morning to go and have a wander around Cataract Gorge and then have a bit of a hike up Mount Barrow (1,400 metres).

The Gorge is only a 2 minute drive out of town and was really picturesque.

As you can see from the photos there is a big gorge and then a lake from it with a bank of grass infront of it...........which they have decided to plonk a swimming pool in!!

We're not too sure why as there is a big lake to swim in and now the place doesn't feel quite as authentic as perhaps it once could have, having said that though it was still a really pretty relaxing place to visit.

We had a bit of a walk around here but nothing too long as we were off to mount Mount Barrow next!!!

Ok, so it took us half an hour driving circles around town as we couldn't find the exit to get out of it, but once on our way we got to the Mount Barrow turn off about 20 minutes later. The gravel track up to the parking area took about half an hour to get to and at one point I thought we were gonna drive all the way up to the top, but luckily we didn't.

Em bravely decided to stay and protect the car from any woodland danger, however upon assessing the situation she also concluded the remote parking area had all the characteristics of your classic horror movie! The only thing more scarey she decided though was actually walking up the mountain so she stayed put.....and locked herself in the car!!!

The hike up the mountain was really cool. I'm not sure how high the parking area was but I guess I must've climbed 800-1, about 45 minutes! That's World Record my head anyway!!!

I was a bit pooed off when I reached the 'top' however as the actual peak was cordened off by the government for some top secret experiments (probably).

Aaaaaaaand then it started to hail! So I took a few quick photos and then got outta there!!

I even managed to jog down some of the way back because I'm super fit (I said fit, not fat!)!

Luckily Em had kept herself out of mischief whilst I was away as well so we headed on back to the hostel in one piece.

We drove back to the hostel and made some eggy bread and baked beans and watched Heros!


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