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Swansea Beach

We took a wrong turn and ended up here! it was very...

Hence the I don't know where we are face

9 Mile Beach....we don't know if it is 9 miles long and...

Some more nine mile beach

Aaaaaaannnd some more!


Do I need to write a caption for this!?

It wasn't as warm as it looked!

A Wallaby up by Wineglass Bay

View from the top

A path with a view

Wineglass Bay with a hairy arm that I have just noticed bottom...

That's better!

He came, he saw, he conqured!

Don't know what this is, but isn't it pretty!

Today we left the BB house to carry on with our road trip around Tassie.

The next port of call is going to be Launceston. The second largest city in Tasmania.

En route we stopped off at Wineglass bay, there are a few different walks you can do there, I personally can't comment on this as I decided to have a sleep in the car as I was knackered.....but the pictures look really nice!

After this we had a 2 hour drive to Launceston where we are staying in a hostel called The Art House.

The hostel is in a massive old building and is really nice and clean and there are 2 TV rooms and the kitchen is cool (all this stuff is very important when travelling!!)

We made dinner and watched some telly and hung out for the evening as we are pretty knackered.


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