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Larry grabbed his coffee cup and camera this morning for this shot...

I really like this one, good job honey!

Seems almost eery, doesn't it?

After lunch we took a little drive...

We are in Wells Gray Country!

One last shot of the N Thompson River as we head back...

Larry was up early this morning drinking his normal pot of coffee. Personally, I can't stand the stuff. Love the smell, can't gag it down. Hot tea or chocolate for me please! Anyway, the sun was just breaking over the mountain and he grabbed the camera for a few quick shots. There was a neat misty fog coming off the water too. I actually got up during this process and caught a glimpse for myself. Very pretty!

After breakfast we took a short drive to check out the surrounding area a bit. Stopped at the river to stretch our legs and take another few pics. I hope you aren't totally sick of rivers, lakes and waterfalls yet, because there are still a number of them as we make our way to Vancouver. And mountains and trees and wildlife. Sure would like to see a bit more wildlife! We strain our eyes looking and looking every day, but they are being very elusive!

When we arrive in Vancouver, we plan to take the ferry across to visit Vancouver Island. Specifically, Victoria. We visited this island last in 1984 and loved it. I am sure there have been many changes since then. We won't be taking the rig as it is just too costly. I'm sure you have heard of Butchart Gardens. That is where we will spend most of our time there. Larry & Tawnia (and Miss Jasmine too of course) are flying in on October 9th to spend Thanksgiving with Tawnia's dad Sal, & his lovely wife Jackie. Canada's Thanksgiving is celebrated on October 12th. We are invited for dinner as well. They actually reside in Surrey, so we will be camping there for part of our time in the Vancouver area.

We plan to head to Kamloops on Saturday, continuing south/west on 5. We understand it is considered a desert type area. We'll see about that! Bet they don't know what desert even looks like! In the meantime, we are surrounded by trees of every shape, size and color. And it is truly beautiful. So, we'll see you next in Wells Gray Provincial Park....

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