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Tennant Creek - these signs were around town . Welcome or not?

Alcohol is prohibited at many aborginal communities

Sobering up shelters are available

Intoxication signs

We weren't really prepared for Tennant Creek, it was grim and sad. Lots of closed and boarded up buildings and those that were open had serious security screens. There were mobile police CCTV cameras parked in the street. The town has has been in the news recently for a horrendous crime that has shocked Australia and the world. We missed the Prime Minister's visit by a week, he'd come to talk to the residents about fixing their numerous problems.

Living in Sydney we tend to forget that in some places around Australia people have huge problems and not about what clothes to wear to work. Here housing, health, food, violence, alcohol and gambling are serious issues.

Originally built on money from gold in the 1930 the main street was full of dishevelled aboriginals and their school age children. We were booked in at the Goldfields Pub in the centre of town which has an attached bottle shop.

What was bizarre was that the pub opened at 3pm and the bottle shop attached opened at 4pm and in this one hour the pub was full of aboriginals drinking until 4pm came around and they all went to the bottle shop to buy their take away alcohol and deserted the pub! When we came in for dinner we were the only ones left in the pub! Surprisingly the food was very nice and so was the accommodation.

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