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Carpes at the Winnebago Rally Grounds

Wisconsin 21 scene

We picked up I 90/I 94 west near Tomah WI

Crossing the Mississippi River...

... into Minnesota

Construction on I 90 in Minnesota

Welcome to Iowa

Aerial view of rally grounds
Carpe Diem is in center foreground (with purple...

Saturday, 07 Jul: Day three of three...

The final day of our three day journey. It was wonderful boondocking weather as the temperatures dropped into the fifties. That, coupled with sheer exhaustion, stress, and lack of sleep last nite combined to let us both sleep very, very well. We awoke with the sun, well rested and ready for another day.

Following breakfast we drained the water from the pans and re-iced the fridge. We hit the road at 0839 continuing west on WI 21. East of Tomah WI we met the I 90/I 94 interstate and took it west. A few miles later I 94 branched to the northwest and we continued on I 90 west toward La Crosse.

We crossed the Mississippi River into Minnesota and continued on the interstate to Austin. Then US 218 south into Iowa to IA 9, which we took west into Forest City. We arrived at the Winnebago Rally Grounds around 1440 and found a level site with 50 ampere power. Today's run was 274 miles with a fuel economy just south of eight mpg.

Once set up we picked up ice at a nearby convenience store. The ice box (formerly fridge) is doing well and we haven't had to toss any spoiled food... Yet! Bob discovered that one of the GFIs had tripped and would not reset. We have no outlet power on the left side of the coach, including the bath. Ugh!

We were both tired and were in bed by 2130. Tomorrow, Sunday, will be a "down" day and on Monday we have an early appointment at the paint shop. We have some paint problems with the entry door we want them to take care of.

Monday everyone will be "evicted" from the rally grounds so they can "prepare" the grounds for the rally. We'll probably boondock for four days in the Visitor Center lot until we're allowed back on the grounds Friday morning.

More to follow as the rally gets underway. Please check back...

Later in the rally...

It has been very hectic and much has transpired. Cliff's Notes version follows:

* Fridge got going on manual for a week, then it died again.

* Parking was seven days this year. Two were in pouring rain.

* Rally attendance was fewer than 1,000 rigs. Lower than previous years

* We decided not to park again next year. Too exhausing

* Good 365 Club turnout with exciting new officers

That's it for now...

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