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Downtown Bemidji was glad to have us visit

Lots of sculptures all through the downtown

Mr. Eggwards made of bronze sells for $15,000

Love this bike rack made of two old-style bikes

Indian is a great landmark for finding the Trading Post store

High and Dry costs $10,000 and is made of steel

Entitled Plum Crazy and made of a propane tank, this one is...

Pink hues of the sunset

Just lovely


A fitting end for the day

Bemidji, MN This was the last day of fishing. Tomorrow we will be pushing onward. Ron and Jim managed to snag 11 fish for the day and were very happy with the week’s results. Mary and Sandi headed for downtown Bemidji to explore. For 18 years, the town has sponsored a Sculpture Walk. Each year about 33 area artists display a piece of their outdoor art. Pieces are available for sale and are displayed for one year. One of the most interesting is a bench made of a steel propane tank costing $12,000. If only it would fit in the trunk we would have snapped it up! We marveled at the diversity of sculptures even if we did not always appreciate the subject or treatment.

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