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House for sale in Nichols Hills

Nephew Adam...thrilled to be in my presence!

At least my niece Auds enjoys me!!

Ok, technically, this entry is not about a trip. So, you have my blessing to discard even before reading, should you so desire.

This entry concerns my experiences/learning for this week. I'll start with the homeless piece. Gypsy Red is safely (I hope!) stored away for the holidays. During this time, me and the pups are truly homeless...relying on dog hair loving relatives to put us up. The hardest question I get these days other than where I'm going to land is "where are you from or where do you live"? Try that one on for size when you don't have an answer!

I've had the opportunity to stay with my niece and nephew this week (more to come on that one) with my little sis enjoying some time in Palm Springs. Each morning, as I have driven Adam to school, I have passed this beautiful home in Nichols Hills for sale. It is beautiful and looks like something I would like to own. Now, the weird part. I notice the beauty and the lovely area of OKC's elite, but you know what I hits me?? Yard work. A lot of rooms to clean. High electricity bills. Expectations to entertain! All yuck! :))

Yes, this is what I have become...a frugal, lazy, recluse. Now, back to the niece and nephew. You see, I've never been a morning person. Never gonna happen. So, having to set an alarm for 6:30 a.m. again, after almost 6 months, has taken its toll on me. Killer! So, when I got an email asking if I was interested in a senior management call center position in San Antonio, I paused for a minute due to the San Antonio part (love it!), but it didn't take me long to think...been there, done that, not gonna do it again. If I wake up early again, it is going to be for something I can't wait to get too!!! This week has also reminded me of a wonderful decision I made 30+ years ago. Forego the children!!! Seriously. Up early, fix breakfast, take to school, pick up from school, take to activities, and on and on and on. No thank you...I like this aunt thing much better. Hi there, hugs and kisses, gotta go!

Please don't misunderstand. I adore my niece and nephew and have enjoyed every minute of the time I have had with them, but this just ain't my thang.

Lastly, the phone. Here's a test for you. Go without your phone for 3 1/2 days. Seriously. Can you?? Well, I did, and lived to tell about it!

My iphone 6s+ froze up Monday morning on me. Without the gory details, I went until Wednesday without it, when the wonderful AT&T retail store gave me an iphone 7 as a loaner as I await delivery of my new iphone 7+. Well, the loaner froze up on me Wednesday night. Thursday, mid-morning, Femi at the Apple store showed me the new hard reset for the iphone 7 (why do they constantly change things??) and it has worked great since.

There was, without a doubt, learning for me in those 3 1/2 days without a phone and my apps...

1). Very few people noticed I didn't have a phone. :(

2). I had to pay for Starbucks with...get ready for it...CASH!

3). Living without Google is extremely difficult! Without it, I was, quite literally, lost.

4). I didn't miss Facebook one iota!

5). Very few people noticed I didn't have a phone. OUCH!

In other words, I survived. I watched other people tethered to their phones. I relaxed a bit cause I didn't care where my phone was and wasn't even sure if I was supposed to be doing something since I didn't have access to my calendar. If I missed something, oopsie. I read my book more (and Jules, it is quite good...coming your way when I finish). And, I realized I don't stay in contact with too many people on a daily basis. Wish I could say it bothered me more, but I is what I is...

I'm still homeless and jobless, but I do have my phone back...and sadly, already sucked back into using it 24/7.

My learning for this week? I still love being homeless and jobless. As for phoneless? It shouldn't be the most important communication tool. Face to face still has its benefits. I just wish more of us took advantage of it. Try putting your phone away when you are at lunch/dinner with someone, or just sitting and chatting...for that short time, focus on that person. Yep, let voice mail handle the few incoming calls. The text response can wait. Even Google will be there for you when you finish spending quality time with those you are with at the time and love.

That is my commitment. Will you do the same???


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