Alaska...Again 2016 travel blog

Day 24. Golden Nugget RV Park. OK campground....for AK. A lot of full timers. Close sites, but level. Several people have planted a multitude of flowers. One even has a veggie garden. Today was a long, rough day. Between construction and bad roads what should have been a 6 hour drive turned into 8 hours. The road had the worst areas of frost heave we've come across. It's slower going with the trailer. As it was, we went into the trailer for lunch and found one of the cabinet doors had opened, spilling all sorts of bottles and cans onto the floor. But it was one of the more scenic drives of the trip. Went by a huge glacier. You could walk right up on it. Maybe we'll do that when we go by it in several days. Unfortunately, (only because of the rough road, etc) we will go by it twice with Karen and Wade, then again when we start on the next leg of the trip. There are only a few ways in and out of here. We really haven't planned our itinerary past the next 2 weeks. Weather is pleasant, in the low 60's. Still no bugs (not since the NWT). Tomorrow we do shopping for Karen and Wade (so their vacation time isn't spent shopping).

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