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The city feels familiar to me now and much less daunting. The currency is easy to figure out, the 7-Eleven supermarkets provide easy access to a great many amenities and compared with Vietnam the roads almost seem empty.

We stay on the slightly quieter Rambuttri Road which runs parallel to it's big brother, Khaosan. I find myself comforted by this area as we know our way around it, so we don't venture very far with this visit. We allow ourselves plenty of time to overindulge with food, drink and shopping. I even get to watch England beat Wales in the Six Nations match.

Plus, we discover an incredible vegan restaurant, which offers up an extensive range of very generously sized main courses, along with delicious milkshakes and puddings. I am excited to come back for this place alone. And, I know there is still so much of this city that I have not even begun to scratch the surface of.

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