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Hecata Beach

Hecata Beach

Surf at Hecata Beach

Road Bridge & Hecata Beach

Lightkeepers' House

Hecata Head Lighthouse

Basalt Rock at Hecata Head

Hecata Head Lighthouse

vView of Hecata Head Lighthouse


Big Fella!

Sea Lions

Rainbow from the Campground

Fiery Sunset

We had breakfast today and set about our tasks. Christine headed to the laundry and I tidied out our odds and ends looking for screws and anchors. Our over ambitious packing had loosened the frame in our wardrobe that hold the hangers and it had fallen off yesterday when we arrived here. I determined what we needed to buy, then washed the windows.

When Christine returned we had lunch then set off south towards Florence. We stopped at Hecata Head Lighthouse and Christine waited by the beach and photographed it and the surf as it pounded the rocks. I headed up the trail to the lighthouse and got good views back to the beach as well as seeing the lighthouse close up. Beyond the lighthouse there was a rock out in the sea with basalt columns leaning over that looked very like the rocks at the Giants Causeway in Ireland. I suppose they are made from the same type of rock and formed by similar volcanic actions. I had hoped to do a tour of it, but there was a party of school children waiting and the y were going in groups, with no indication when the ranger would be free to take others, so I headed back downhill to the beach where I met Christine and we went further along the coast to a viewpoint where we could see the lighthouse across the bay and look down on sealions basking in the sunshine. A little further on are the sealion caves, but having seen them already we decided to give it a miss, especially as we have been told they are highly aromatic.

We arrived in Florence and saw a Fred Myers store. Their diesel always seems cheaper than other places, so we filled up. We went into the store, thinking we would get all we needed there. My recollection of Fred Myers stores was of a hardware retailer, but either my memory is faulty or they have changed their marketing. It is more like Walmart. And, while we did get some of our requirements, they did not have everything we needed.

We headed further along the road and an RV place told us we could get a small propane tank next door. We went there and got one. Like Fred Myers, they only sold wall anchors with matching screws, but not in the size we needed. I had never seen this before, you always could buy screws and wall anchors separately in whatever size you wanted.

We headed back to the Fred Myers filling station where they had propane for sale. They declined to fill our new tank as they were too busy serving gasoline! Our self serve pumps are a blessing! We went back to the RV place which had indicated they filled tanks and got the new tank filled. They confirmed that the old one we had was not legal in the USA.

We headed for home where we had dinner and I fixed the wardrobe while Christine decided what clothes she could store rather than hang. The sunset was interrupted by a rainbow, then as it hit the horizon it looked like a series of small fires.

Tomorrow we will either go the same direction, but further, or head back up north and explore some of the scenery we missed on the way down, either due to the weather or pulling the trailer.

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