Ross got up this morning hoping he would be able complete his morning walk but it took less than a second for him to realize that he could no more walk three miles than he could walk to the moon. About 24 hours ago Ross' gout started to act up again and until he gets the gout under control there will be no more morning walks.

They both got up shortly after 0630 and Ross made the coffee and then went outside to empty and rinse the black tank and by the time he got started on that job it began to rain. The rain was light and intermittent but it was heavy enough to get Ross wet.

After the crappy chore was completed Marge took a shower and Ross took the dog to the dog run so the dog could do his morning thing. After returning with the dog Ross had his breakfast and after Marge finished her shower and Ross his breakfast Ross climbed into the shower.

Once the showers were completed Ross went back outside and dumped the grey water tank, a job not quite as crappy as the black tank cleaning. By the time the black and gray tanks were empty Marge had finished her breakfast and we started closing up to leave for St. Louis, Missouri which is a trek of about 240 miles. Rather than staying in the KOA that was located west of St. Louis they decided to stay at a KOA east of St. Louis that is actually closer to St. Louis than the KOA in Missouri west of St, Louis.

It rained more "On" than "Off" all the way from Springfield to just west of St. Louis but by the time we got to the campground it began raining again and it has been raining ever since. The forecast for tomorrow is bleak with continued cold temperatures and rain.

All through Oklahoma people were talking about the drought they had been having all winter but the territory that Ross & Marge have traveled did not seem to be suffering a drought because most of the foliage and grasses were green. Missouri definitely seemed to get plenty of rain because all the grasses and crops in the fields seemed to be green.

There was a Flying J along the route and while they didn't need much fuel they wanted to take a break and have lunch so Ross filled up and pumped in another 45 gallons of fuel into the motorhome at $3.69 per gallon.

There is no real change in either the foliage or the terrain from what they saw after leaving Oklahoma and arriving in Springfield yesterday.

The plan for St. Louis is to spend two nights here and to visit the St. Louis Arch tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather is not predicted to be very cooperative. The bad weather and Ross' gout may mean they will not see as much of the Arch and its associated parkland as they had hoped.

That is all for today,

Ross & Marge

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