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Well I just got back from Poneloya and Las Penitas. A couple of beach towns within a few km of each other. I decided to go and stay at a house that I'd heard about in Poneloya. The owner rents out rooms for $15 per night. He has a pool and the maid cleans daily. The town of Poneloya is a small fishing village with very few tourists. The people are amazingly friendly and every place we went to try and have breakfast, they just cooked it for us, whether it was on the menu or not. Basically, for the past week a standard day is go for breakfast, take a dip in the pool, read a book in a hammock, sometimes a nap and then go for a mid afternoon snack and beer. Back to the pool or maybe down to the ocean for a dip to cool off and then find someplace for supper. Breakfast for 2 is usually under $5 and supper is usually $8-10 for both.

A couple of times we walked to Las Penitas to meet some friends and this is the more expensive and more touristy area. The German friends I'd met were taking surfing lessons and we would go to watch and visit. On the way back we'd find a kid that had a bike with seats in the front for a taxi. I had to jump out and help him on a couple of hills and he was dripping sweat after a couple of kms. The price was 40 cordobas or about $1.75. I gave him a 5 and he seemed to really like me after that.

On our second last night I ordered something for supper. The translation must have mixed up something because I was brought the most disgusting meal I'd ever eaten. Maybe next time I won't be so bold. The last day we were there we went over to an island and went to a small hostal called the Surfing Turtle. Great little remote beach and I may and up back there for a week or so. Super friendly staff and I was only there for a few minutes when we were asked to play beach volleyball. I remember being better at volleyball! lol. The sand was like gluing your feet to the ground. The Surfing Turtle had wifi and I quickly sent a quick FB message before we left because I's been out of touch a week or so.

The only downfall to the beach was the lack of AC but again, I'm not going to complain. I'm in Leon right now with AC and wifi so I can catch up on emails and have a cool night sleep before I head to my next destination. Where that is, I don't know yet. I might head back to Poneloya and Las Penitas and look for property out there to rent for next year. Yes it's that awesome! As a matter of fact I might look at a few for sale.

Anyways I have some emails to send before supper.

Love and miss you all


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