Winter Break in Central America travel blog

The last meal...

The flight from Guatemala City was uneventful until we hit the states - then into a solid wall of clouds. It was raining when we landed. I had been assigned an emergency exit seat next to the exit door. Only problem was I had to store my backpack in 1st class - at least it had a good ride. For the first time ever I was the first person off the plane!

I went through immigrations with no problems. Then waited 15 minutes or so for my bags to show up and then to customs. Again no line! But then I was directed to the "Blue" area with my bags. I stood behind a coupe guys and watched a through search of a man's luggage - everything out and unwrapped. Then the folks in from of me (with about ten cases) were taken to a ramp and they started to be searched. Then came my turn. Luckily they looked over my passport and waved me through! Whew.

Then off to the Roanoke flight.

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