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building oozing prosperous times

and even more so

look for the Liver birds

the cathedral

from second top floor. toy double decker buses

Catholic cathedral "Paddy's teepee"

memorial to dock horses

the maritime museum

china town gate

the history of liverpool in a nutshell

I spent a day in Liverpool. Its as interesting as last time, but I think with even more to see, I did the hop on hop off bus (of course!)

I was going to do the Ferry ride again, as it was raining the last time (2004) but for some reason the service had been cancelled for the day. So I went off to the top of Radio Tower instead.

When or if the liver birds fall down, that will be the e3nd of the legend goes..

Fantastic views, in spite of a bit of haze. We were told that on really clear days you can see Mt Snowden, and the other way, the Blackpool Tower. We could see the hills of Wales, but not the really high peaks.

I did consider getting back to the Catholic cathedral but ran out of time (Liverpool has 22% of Englands Catholics). The stained glass windows there are modern and they bathe the cathedral in coloured light. Really something and would have been more so on a sunny day.

I also spent a lot of time in the Maritime museum.

Fantastic. AND I didn’t get past the first floor (there are 3) What I found really interesting was the focus on history. Liverpool was the centre of starting the slave trade; the centre for import of cotton and export of goods; the centre for incoming sugar and its refinement and then production of sweet products and an immigration Port, from Ireland and to the Colonies.

On the bus it had been a lot of “the biggest” sometimes with an ‘after’ like the Cathedral, after St Peters, Milan and one other.. The most pipes in its organ, the most coloured glass …or when built the longest, the biggest, the most…. Blah blah.

In the museum there was a lot of focus on the impact of the British Empire on other peoples. Not over the top, just shown in the movie or a one sentence comment. Interesting we don’t admit to any massacres of Aboriginal people, but here settlers are shown shooting them. And a one liner comment on what it did to the people languages and culture with the effects still being felt. That the museum process was successful was suggested by a comment I heard from a lady behind, who said. You don’t think about it do you/ We went to all these places and we lived in enclaves that kept our links with the motherland going. We never did learn about the culture or language of the other.

(Interesting that now we get on our high horses about people not immediately giving up their own cultures, and their language, and they should learn and speak English, preferably before they even get here.)

One story Id never heard before was about the chinese after the second world war. There was a group Chinese of merchants in Liverpool as a result of early trade. (and still is) I guess the chinese thought trade shouldn’t be one way. Then men came in as sailors and stayed here as merchant seamen during the second world war. A lot had wives and children. After the war they were quietly rounded up and deported. The women didn’t know until recently what happened to them. One woman in a recorded interview said, her husband had gone to the shipping office (like the lumpers at the wharf, no regular work, you lined up and if your name was called or you were at the front of the line, you got a job.) When he didn’t return she assumed he had got a job. When he wasn’t back by the end of the week she went to the office for some of his pay. She was told he hadn’t turned up and they hadn’t seen him all week.

At the time of the interview, when she was old, she had only just found out what had happened.

The trip form Liverpool back to Southport nearly went askew. I got on the wrong train. There was a paper on my seat so I promptly started to read it. SO it was a while before I saw the name of the next station on the electronic display board in my carriage. Fazarkerley. I thought I don’t remember that name from my trips in and out. So I had to get off at the next stop, cross the bridge to the other platform and back track to get to where I could get onto the correct train.

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