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Mike and Dawn Harris at the Seattle Waterfront

The Harris House

Looking to the Hood Canal

Mike pulling a crab pot

Good Eating

Paula chlling crabs in ice water after boiling

Picnic on the beach after kayaking

Public Market Center in Seattle

Lots of Fish and other Seafood

The Gum Wall

Paula Picking Loganberries

Posing for the camera

Bowl full of Loganberries

We arrived at another friends home in Port Ludlow, Washington. These are our next door neighbors, Dawn and Mike Harris, at our winter base in Mesa, AZ. Their house sprots a beautiful view of the Hood Canal. Periodically, they will see submarines making the transit through the canal to the sub base.

We were fed well, with salmon and dungeness crab. We caught the crabs ourselves. Mike and Dawn took us out on their boat to pull crab pots and re-bait them for pulling the next day. We priced the crab at the fish market and they were running $7.00 a pound. One crab we caught was a three-pounder - $21.00. I don't think I can afford to eat like that in a restaurant.

Our friends also treated us to a tandem kayak ride. We took a little padding excursion, had a picnic in a little cove on the beach and then paddled our way back. We fought the tide coming in and the wind in our face on the way out, but the trip back was much easier. It had been several years since I paddled a kayak.

We also took the ferry from Bainbridge Island to the Seattle Waterfront. I was stationed at the Naval Shipyard in Bremerton way back in 1972, but I did not remember much about being here even though I did go into Seattle several times. We stopped at the public market and saw all of the seafood on sale. And, of course, we had to the see the gum walls! Yuk! Gobs, and gobs of abc'd (already been chewed) bubble gum plastered to a wall. I do not know the history that goes with the wall, but I am sure there is a tale there.

We are heading to get Paula's aunt and mother in Easton, WA tomorrow.

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