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July 30th

At the Quito Airport – located in the center of the city and scheduled to be decommissioned in 77 days – we checked in to a domestic flight. We had been booked to fly to Guayaquil on the south west coast. We had to wait for three hours ion the boarding area where there were no English announcements… We finally figured our flight and got on – and thirty minutes later were in Guayaquil, where we sat for three hours waiting for our flight to Miami. Alice slept most of the trip but my stomach was upset so I read and watched a particularly bad movie – John Carter…

The night was clear so the waxing moon was reflected on the Gulf of Mexico which was spectacular. We flew over Cuba and could see the lights of Havana, then over Key West, and finally landed in Miami at 5:00 AM – We cruised through immigration but had to have our shoes sprayed in Customs because we were around cattle. Otherwise just a quiet three hour wait for the flight to Charlotte where we waited for about three hours (!) for our flight to Lynchburg – and finally boarded a Dash-100 – a 37 passenger prop plane that flew at 9,000 feet. Very bumpy! We finally got to Lynchburg at 2:00 PM, called a taxi, and were at the house by 3:00. A twenty two hour trip!

After dropping off stuff and making sure the pets were OK we went out to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. As we started to eat Alice said “It sure is great to have American food for a change!”

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