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From Left to right--Bruce, Jan, Debbie, John, Tom and Cricket.

Welcome to California

Mile 0

Border Crossing, checking for fruits

The state of the "Call Boxes" they are everywhere

Ooch the price of fuel. This is the worst we have seen...

Irrigation to water their crops and fields

Wow! Look how black the soil is

Jeeps in the desert. This is part of Buttercup

The sand dunes

Like the surface of the moon

RVers showing up to ride the dune buggys, quads, jeeps

Sheep eating alfalfa

Cows getting ready to go to market

California flowers. And yes it is January

Wild California Tree

A Palm Tree Farm along side the road

The Salton Sea. We have always wanted to see this and now...

This is the Salton Sea

Now we know what the smell is "Look at all the Dead...


A better view of the Salton Sea


Tom and Debbie

John and Jan

Our Motorhome at the Salton Sea

Our new friends where we stayed for a little over one week...

Now it is 7:05am as I am typing this and we are packing up to head to a new state for Debbie the State of "California". But on the way we will see many things.

We are starting off by having breakfast with some Good Sam Friends from Maryland (Bruce and Cricket McGinness).

Then we will see how the Desert waters their crops. They have irrigation fields fed by the Colorado River. That was kind of interesting.

Then we saw same very "black" soil in some fields. We assume that this was fertilizer of some sort.

We took the scenic route "California Highway 78" parts of this road look and felt just like a roller coaster....

We drove through some incredible sand dunes. This is where folks from all around bring their dune buggies out to the desert and ride the dunes. Really cool.

Then we stopped by and visited the "Salton Sea". We had always heard about it but never got to actually see it. Their was a strange odor in this area and we equated that to be all the hundreds of dead fish lining the shore line. Must be too salty for them. It was amazing how many dead fish were just on the shore.

Next was a chilly damp stop by the famous "Julian Pie Company" for a slice of pie topped with "Cinnamon" ice cream. Within walking distance to the Julian Pie Company was "Dudley's (San Diego's original) homemade bread. We purchased a loaf of Maple Walnut bread.

Then we finally arrived at our next destination. David and Clairetta good friends to John and Jan who we are traveling with. We are parked in their driveway and have all the conveniences of home, water, electric etc....

Drove 253 miles

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